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Get Your Fix!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Shades of Light by Justin Sloan

The Truth will set you free, what happens when the Truth is a Lie?

Rhona and her paladin brother Alastar belong to a holy people who have waged war on witches and warlocks and their clans from the highlands.

But when she uses magic to save his life, their world is thrown upside down. On the run, having left all they knew behind they have to rely on those who hate Paladins.

All magic is evil, the High Paladin tought... But Alastar starts to understand that he might have been mislead.

If his sister uses magic, and she isn't evil...what does that mean for his beliefs?

Brother and sister soon find themselves aligned with magic users and thrown in with the clans in a war against sorcerers and paladins alike, with only one hope of uniting the land--the legendary Sword of Light. It was lost years ago, and quest after quest by the holy paladins cold not retrieve it.

When you know the truth about magic... anything is possible.

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