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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Sneak Peeks: Shadow Stalker Episode 20 Coming Soon! | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

Designed by Kathryn Jenkins at Magical Designs

Shadow Stalker Episode 20 is finally edited and is being released this coming Wednesday. As a special thanks to my readers for sticking by me, I’m going to be giving it away free for the first 24 hours after it’s released. But if you want it free you have to be a subscriber!
Read a little sneak peek from Episode 20 below!

Makari stirred the contents of the pot that held our evening meal. “Now is probably not the best time for exploring.”
“No. I know. I was just thinking that maybe one of these tunnels might lead to the camp.”
“They might, but we have no idea which ones, and we’re more likely to get lost.”
I was only partially listening to them. One of the tunnels seemed to stand out more than the others. It seemed brighter even though I knew it couldn’t have been. And voices whispered in my mind as if encouraging me to go there. “I can find the way, but it will take several hours of hiking.”
“You’ve been in these mountains?” Makari asked.
“Well, Kado and I did come up here a few times, but not this mountain specifically. We went further north.” I sighed. Now was just as good a time as any to tell him. “My powers have returned. I drank the water from the Black Lake and after that something happened. I can access the shadow world again, but it’s different now. Everything feels different.”
“Different how?”
I shook my head. “I can’t explain it.”

Thanks for reading this sneak peek! If you enjoyed it and want to read more, you can download Shadow Stalker Part 1 free. You can also get Part 2 free, and for the first 24 hours after its release, Episode 20 will be free if you subscribe here today!

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