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Get Your Fix!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rise of the Storm by Christina Ochs

The start of the new historical fantasy series readers are comparing to George R. R. Martin and Michael J. Sullivan.

Would you risk your home, your family, your kingdom to follow your conscience?

Prince Kendryk's life is perfect.

But if he stands up for the truth, he risks losing it all.

As the ruler of Terragand, Kendryk governs his kingdom with a fair hand. Craving only the love of his beautiful wife and a future for their three children, Kendryk seeks the best for all under his care.

But when a befriended member of the clergy is tried as a heretic for urging reform of the faith, or risk a coming catastrophe, Kendryk makes one grave decision that threatens to lay all he has labored for to ruin.

Labeled a rebel and traitor, Kendryk finds his homeland crushed between the iron hands of war and the merciless command of the Empress Teodora. The only chance of salvation rests in alliance with like-minded rulers. But even that may not be enough to reverse the tide created by the sheer military might of the Empress and her commanders.

Torn between his heart and his duty, can Kendryk and his allies defy the oppression of the empire and reclaim their freedom? Or will all-consuming war destroy everything it touches?

Rise of the Storm is the first book in Christina Ochs’ new historical fantasy series. If you like Game of Thrones-style action and intrigue, you'll want to pick up this page-turning adventure now. Read for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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