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Get Your Fix!

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Fall of an Overlord by Kevin Potter

A city-sized garnet dragon Overlord, a crippled azurite wyrm leading an insurrection, and a sleek shadow dragon determined to protect her kin. Does anyone win when catastrophic forces collide?

After the horrors of the Great Dragon War, the Earth is ruled by the immense dragon Overlords.

Khellandrian, a fiercely proud azurite dragon crippled in his youth, leads an insurrection violating the most sacred laws of dragonkind.

Melliaunserah, a sleek beauty of smoke and shadow, is desperate to keep her clan safe from the tyranny of the Overlords. From their first meeting, she feels an inexplicable connection to Khell that only grows as time passes.

Caught in a desperate race against time, the unusual pair struggles to unite unlikely allies and battle unlikelier enemies in their quest to destroy the Overlord.

Will they succeed and overcome the sadistic Overlord, or were they doomed to failure before they began?

*** Adult Content ***

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