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Friday, March 17, 2017

Special Feature: Faerie Quest (Book 3) – Roz Marshall

Playing the virtual reality game Feyland wasn't supposed to turn out so - uh, real. But when things from the game start appearing in everyday life - like a unicorn, or Elphin, the strange creature who saved her life and became her friend - Scots teenager Corinne MacArthur has a problem. Of epic proportions.

And then she learns the truth about Elphin.

It's a truth that shatters her illusions about the world she knows and sends her racing back to Feyland on a life-or-death rescue mission. But Feyland is a game where trickery is an art form and magic is the currency. A game which can deceive the unwary and trap the naive. A game where legends come to life and shadowy figures haunt your dreams.

And Corinne's dreams are coming true. But not in a good way. They're more like a waking nightmare, and it will take all her talent - and more - to escape the otherworldly creatures who've invaded her life. A life which is about to become even more complicated...

Faerie Quest is the 3rd book in the Celtic Fey series set in Anthea Sharp's Feyland universe (with her kind permission). Whilst this is a stand-alone book with a full story arc, you will get best enjoyment by reading the series from the first story, Unicorn Magic.

This is a clean fantasy romance / urban fantasy which is set in Scotland (and the faerie realm) and uses British English spelling and grammar.

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