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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Sneak Peeks: March Short Story | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

Designed by Kathryn Jenkins at Magical Designs

As promised, this week I have a sneak peek from my March short story. It's a new genre for me, so I'm a bit nervous about it, but also excited at the same time. It's with the editor now and will be ready for its 15th of March release.
My only problem is I haven't been able to decide on a title and I would love some feedback on the cover as well, so I put together a poll and would love to here from you.

Help me Give my Story a Title and Cover!

Rylee had been feeling as though she had woken in an alternate reality lately. People walked the streets like zombies, with their blank, emotionless expressions. Every morning she followed the same routine, and nothing seemed to change.
"Good morning," she said to a passerby.
The woman looked at her as though she was trying to figure out if someone had actually spoken to her, then walked off.
"People are so rude," Rylee said under her breath.
She lifted her pastry to take another bite. Even the food hadn't been the same. Almost tasteless. She couldn't even seem to smell anything. Had the world always been this way, and she didn't notice? She hoped she wasn't getting sick. Just as the pastry touched her lips, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into the alleyway.
Rylee opened her mouth to scream, but a gloved hand muffled the sound.
“Be quiet. There are listeners everywhere. You're in danger, but I'm here to help,” a woman said.
Rylee turned to face the woman as soon as she released her. “Danger? What do you mean? Wait! What's a listener? Who are you?”

Thanks for taking the time to read the sneak peek. Hope you enjoyed it. If you'd like to be one of the firsts to hear about the release, sign up below!

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