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Get Your Fix!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

How Many Books Are Too Many?

I am sitting at my desk surrounded by books, old and new; some books I could share with you freely but others are only proof copies and not ready for public distribution. I love books. And I have lots and lots of books, and I think I need another shelf to hold them. I could not think of a better problem to have.

Eventually, I would like to live in a house with a library. I don't know why I have always wanted a library in my house. I am talking a Beauty and the Beast extreme library, people. I want the towering shelves, the ladder you have to climb to get that one book, and the large desk in front of the oversized window. I want the fireplace, the cozy chairs with end tables, and a rug which would make rug-makers marvel. Something about a lirbary feels nostalgic. Like home.

I am uncertain if I will ever get to a place in my life where I could have a personal library in my home. I have considered settling for a book store of equal, epic proportions, but I just do not think it would curb the hankering.

Anyway, this week I am writing, proofreading, and looking to expand my library pipedream. How about you?

Joshua Robertson, CEO
Crimson Edge Press, LLC

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