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Monday, December 19, 2016

Medieval Menagerie: The Alerion

Tired of the same old fantasy creatures?Medieval legend is full of bizarre beasts that can make for great inspiration for your fantasy story.
The Alerion is lord over all other birds. Bigger than an eagle, it has razor-sharp, fire-colored wings. However, this bird is also exceedingly rare. There is only one pair in the world at one time.

The female of the pair lays two eggs when she is sixty years old, which take sixty days to hatch. Once the young emerge, the adult pair are escorted by a host of other birds to the sea, where they plunge into the waters and drown. The accompanying birds then return to the nest to care of the Alerions' young until they can fly on their own.

How would you write such noble creatures into a story? And what does a bird do with razor-sharp wings?

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