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Friday, October 7, 2016

Saturday Sneak Peek: Shadow Stalker Episode 17 | Renee Writes

Originally posted on Renee Writes:

Designed by Kathryn Jenkins at Magical Designs
Designed by Kathryn Jenkins at Magical Designs

I finally finished Shadow Stalker Episode 17. I'm just waiting for it to come back from my editor, then I'll be sending it out to everyone on my mailing list. If you want a free copy of this episode, sign up below!
For now, enjoy this sneak peek:

"The Galvadi people have suffered needlessly for over twenty years because of the selfishness of the man they had come to revere as their savior. What do you have to say about that?"
Galin shook his head, then looked my way. I could tell by the glazed look in his eyes he had already resigned himself to death, but there was something else there too. If he had to go, he was going to take one of us with him, and in his eyes, I was the weakest one in the room.
"I trust the Way of the Galvadi, and nothing you say will sway my devotion," he said, then tried to grasp my head in his hands.
I was too quick though. I grabbed one his arms as I got to my feet, twisting it behind his back and using my other hand to push his head to the table. Before he had a chance to struggle, Melan had already pressed a needle into his arm, releasing the poison that would kill Galin within seconds.

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