Get Your Fix!

Get Your Fix!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Self-Editing Tips

Editing is a multi-step process. Start with a broader edit, looking for issues like story flow and organization, plot holes, inconsistencies, sections of weak writing, and problems with character development. You may have to do some re-writing, add new material, or even strip whole sections out of your story. Then take a break from it. Walk away for a week or two.

If when you come back you're still happy with the changes you've made, go on to the proofreading stage to look for improper grammar, misspellings, and punctuation errors. You may need to do both of these types of edits multiple times to get a clean copy.

Don't be afraid to let friends, family, and beta readers help you ferret out those last pesky errors you didn't find. When you're relying on yourself to be the primary editor for your book, the more eyes, the better.

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